WBF NYC 2019 Tech Conference & World Blockchain Awards

NEW YORK CITY, NY., Sep 28, 2019 – Following two days of panel discussions and networking
meetings, the final day of the “WBF NYC 2019 Tech Conference & World Blockchain Awards” is
finally upon us. The conference took place at the Altman Building on September 27th and 28th, 2019
with more than 600 attendees.

As one of the blockchain industry’s most exclusive events, this conference attracted industry leaders,
experts and investors in the blockchain space to discuss main topics within the blockchain and
cryptocurrency industry. Key topics covered during this conference were blockchain applications in
fintech & digital payment, decentralization, data security, blockchain regulation, and the future of

The event featured panel discussions and presentations on topics such as “How blockchain technology
will impact the future of data privacy, security, and ownership;” “Blockchain vs Buying Power: Can
Blockchain Transform The Global Economy;” “Blockchain Applications in Financial Services;”
“Decentralization, Data Sovereignty, Privacy & Encryption;” “Why The ‘Contract Of Things’ Will Be
The Internet’s Next Growth Spurt;” “The Future Of Securitization On Chain;” and “Mass Adoption in
the Crypto Space.”

WBF aims to team up with innovative and forward-thinking companies from numerous sectors. This
two-day tech event was joined by thoughts leaders from various industries, such as IT, financial
services, private equity, real estate, retail, etc.

Notable conference speakers included Mitchell Dong, managing director from Pythagoras Investment
Management; Alex Mashinsky, founder of Celsius Network; Andrew Roman, general partner of
Rubicon Venture Capital; Adi Sideman, co-founder of YouNow, Lin Dai, CEO of TapNetwork; Chao
Cheng Shorland, CEO of ShelterZoom Corp.; Nelson Chu, CEO of Cadence; Miko Matsumura, founder
of crypto exchange Evercoin; Flori Marquez, co-founder at BlockFi; Jerome de Tychey, director of
ConsenSys Solutions in France; Liz Rabban, VP of global business development of Celsius; Michael
Kane, co-founder of Hydrogen; Marco Santori, President & CLO of Blockchain; and Sunayna Tuteja,
head of digital assets & DLT at TD Ameritrade.

During the conference, awards that were open to individuals and companies worldwide were offered to
recognize excellence and innovation in the blockchain industry. Award categories include Top 5
Outstanding Projects; Top 5 Prominent Investment Institutions; Top 5 Innovative Blockchain
Technology; Top 5 Outstanding Media; and Top 5 Outstanding Young Leaders.

While blockchain technology continues to disrupt various industries, WBF is committed to organizing
more blockchain conferences worldwide to help shape the future of blockchain. These conferences will
bring together companies that are successfully navigating the rapid changes within the fast-changing
blockchain industry and initiate conversations about global blockchain market trends, and blockchain
use cases and applications in multiple industries.

WBF’s next blockchain conference to be held in Hong Kong from Dec. 17, 2019, to Dec. 18, 2019.

About World Blockchain Forum

WBF was incorporated in New York City in 2017. The company offers media services and roadshows
for various stakeholders. Prior to the 2019 New York conference, WBF has held events in cities such as
London, Singapore, and Shenzhen. For more information about WBF’s upcoming events, please contact


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