Berlin Buzzwords 2019

Marcus Eagan

Visualizing the Output of Your Search AI

Jun 2019

If you have ever searched for “swimsuit” on an ecommerce store and were shown a row of snow boots as products that “customers frequently bought with,” you have witnessed one instance where AI will fail for a long time without human guidance and interventionn. Artificial Intelligence, without human oversight, will fail extraordinarily.One problem with visualizing artificial intelligence, particularly machine learning, is often the deep knowledge of mathematics needed to understand the language of its output. I will offer you a technical strategy and solution for visualizing your AI, outside of purely technical context, and in a way that is consumable by team members throughout the organization and quick to implement. Your business needs to deploy AI, or it will lag behind competition and lose market share until it dies. But your AI needs an audit trail. Through the use of open source visualization tools, you can transform complex mathematical data, like word vectors used in collaborative filtering for ecommerce, to ensure that your AI is one you can rely on and trust.


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