Open Networking Summit 2017

Albert Greenberg

Container Networking

Apr 2017

Azure is built on SDN principles, which the team pioneered as the inevitable and right way to scale the cloud. Major offices for Azure networking are in Redmond, Beijing, Dublin and Hyderabad, all working to transform all elements of networking for the cloud: controlled by software, low cost, high performance, super reliable, secure and automated. Within Azure, founded and led the network virtualization, datapath and physical data center network teams in Azure, as well as other teams in networking and monitoring. Worked in Microsoft Research to invent and prototype the data center networking technologies now widely deployed in Microsoft services and products, such as Virtual Layer-2 (VL2), Virtual Networks (VNets), Load Balancing (Ananta), Data Center TCP (DCTCP). Joined Microsoft from Bell Labs and AT&T Labs Research, where he was an AT&T Fellow and Executive Director, and where he helped build the systems and tools for engineering and managing AT&T’s networks. IEEE Kobayashi Award winner, ACM Fellow, ACM Sigcomm Award winner, ACM Test of Time Paper Award winner, National Academy of Engineering member.

Albert Greenberg

CVP, Microsoft Azure Networking

CVP for Microsoft Azure Networking, leading software and hardware development and...


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