The Next Web Conference 2017

James Temple

More Samantha than Siri

May 2017

Over the next 50 years there will be an exponential change in computer performance, with some experts predicting a state of Artificial General Intelligence in twenty years and Artificial Super Intelligence in 40 years. While estimates are exactly that, it is inevitable that people’s relationship with technology will shift radically during our lifetime, meaning how they’ll interface with brands will too. Perhaps we’ll talk with brands just as we do our friends…
James Temple, EVP MD, Executive Creative Director R/GA London, will look at how the emerging creative canvas of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, AR and VR means that there has never been a greater opportunity for a brand to genuinely achieve a 1-to-1 relationship with someone. The talk will also explore R/GA innovations such as the award-winning Nike On Demand service, Unilever’s Little Brush Big Brush Facebook chatbot and The Cosmopolitan’s newest concierge ‘Rose’ as examples of how brands are now enabling consumers to have conversations with their favorite brands.

James Temple

Executive Creative Director

James leads the continuous evolution of R/GA London, driving the strategic and...


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