Blockchain Innovation Conference 2018

Wiebe Draijer

Introducing International Blockchain Platform We.Trade

Jun 2018

Wiebe Draijer (CEO Rabobank) introducing international trading platfom We.Trade at the Blockchain Innovation Conference 2018. Wiebe Draijer is Chairman of the Managing Board at Rabobank Nederland. As Chairman of the Social and Economic Council (SER), Wiebe Draijer was one of the founders of the Energy Agreement, an ambitious plan to drastically improve the sustainability of the Dutch energy supply in the next decennia. When you talk about Wiebe there are a few keyword that come back every time: circular economy, sustainability, effective use of natural resources and energy.

Draijer sees innovation as the powerful engine for this new economic system and thinks that Rabobank, with its focus on banking and on the community, should facilitate this development. His interest and commitment to innovation are without a doubt as he also was a member of an innovation platform for the government for several years.


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