Managing data has become mission-critical for many advertisers, but adoption of DMPs and the use of customer data “onboarding” is still a work in progress.

Many have taken an understandably conservative approach due to the sensitive nature of customer data, and some technology hurdles remain.

In this panel, we’ll talk about the integration of DMPs with CRM systems, the role of privacy compliance in decision making, and how DMPs could make the leap to traditionally offline channels like TV and OOH.

Anneka Gupta

Chief Product Officer at LiveRamp

Ms. Anneka Gupta has been Chief Product Officer of LiveRamp, Inc. since February...

John Gallagher

VP Digital Marketing at IBM

Since January 2015, John has been the leader of the performance and programmatic...

Seth Demsey

CTO at AOL Platforms

As the chief technology officer for AOL Platforms, Seth Demsey is responsible for...

Ali Bohra

Director, Strategy and Product Marketing at Adobe

As director of product marketing for Adobe Advertising Solutions, Ali Bohra directs...


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