Blockchain Innovation Conference 2018

Vinay Gupta

How Blockchain will change our global system in the next 10 years

Jun 2018

Vinay Gupta is a visionary serial-entrepreneur and coder and well known in the Blockchain community. Gupta helped coordinate Ethereum’s 2015 release, working as a project manager on strategy and communications. He worked as the strategic architect of Consensys, the leading crypto venture studio, and as the designer of Dubai’s National Blockchain strategy. In addition to being the Blockchain Fellow for Digital Catapult, a UK government-funded initiative to increase the amount of innovation in the country, he has two current projects.

The first is Hexayurt Capital, a fund designed to invest in the Internet of Agreements, which is defined as the world enabled by smart contracts. It hopes to invest in companies that tackle real world problems like logistics and global trade. His second project is called Mattereum, billed as a court that understands the nature of cryptocurrencies, making physical property and intellectual property transactable on a blockchain.


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