You Gotta Love Frontend 2019

Maximiliano Firtman

Hacking Web Performance

May 2019

After we understand how important Web Performance is and we’ve applied basic techniques, what’s next? In this session, we will cover extreme techniques that will blow your mind about Web Performance. New compression algorithms? new image formats? Client-Hints? HTTP/3? Let’s hack Web Performance. After quickly reviewing new metrics and goals, we will get deeply into advanced hacks to increase perception and performance on the web and PWAs, that leads to more conversion and better experience, specially important on emerging markets. We will cover the updated checklist of techniques to improve experience and perception and recent additions and hacks, such as: the usage of HTTP/2 and HTTP/3, how to replace PNGs and JPEGs, HTTP Client Hints, better compression encoding algorithms available, browser’s prefetching and lazy loading new abilities and how advanced techniques on top of Service Workers can help improving conversion and reduce user’s frustration. We will finally talk about how we usually underestimate the Web on mobile devices, and ideas to offer reactive web optimizations that will keep a consistent experience on different network types and devices.


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