Global Enterpreneurship Conference 2017

Rishi Jaitly

The New Global: Bridging creativity & innovation from west to east & east to west

Mar 2017

Rishi Jaitly will offer a vision of what kind of startups will drive the next wave of business growth based on his experience as the leader behind global investments and partnerships business across the world.

At Times Global, Rishi manages India’s largest media company portfolio, which includes Uber, Airbnb, Coursera, Vice, Huffington Post, Business Insider and other world-class tech businesses tapping on the India, Asia and global market opportunities.

Previously, Rishi spent four years at the microblogging giant Twitter, leading its expansion into Asia’s third largest economy (India), then into North Africa and the Middle East.

Rishi Jaitly


Rishi Jaitly is the CEO of Times Bridge, the U.S./international investments &...


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