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Sian Townsend

Jobs to be Done: from Doubter to Believer

May 2016

This is the story of how I spent the last 2 years using a technique called Jobs to be Done (JTBD) to research and design products at a fast growing startup called Intercom. 2 years ago, I’d never heard even heard of JTBD and was skeptical that it was anything truly innovative.

Now, everyone at Intercom is focused around JTBD. In this talk I’ll take you through what JTBD actually is and how we’ve used it to design products with great success at Intercom.

Finally, I’ll share some insights about how you can get more out of the basic technique by learning from Intercom’s experiences.

Sian Townsend

Director of Research at Interco

I lead impactful, happy user research teams that help design products used and...


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