Dominik Stein, Oliver Samwer, Jeremy Stoppelman, Jens Spahn

Marketplace Europe: EU’s Digital Landscape

Jan 2016

The panelists will elaborate on the key issues introduced in Margrethe Vestager’s keynote. In a panel discussion, moderated by Ann Mettler, they will discuss the tensions that arise when trying to make innovation and data security compatible. How can data analysis lead to the creation of new businesses?

What role does the consumer play, and to what extent are the regulatory frameworks that are in place sufficient? How will digital technologies change the European economic landscape? Does Europe have the edge over other markets with its long-standing engineering expertise? Or does software know-how reign supreme? All of these questions will make for an interesting debate on the future of the “marketplace Europe”.

Dominik Stein

Partner at EQT Partners GmbH

Dominik Stein, born in 1977, is Partner and Global Head of TMT at EQT Partners...

Oliver Samwer

Founder & CEO at ocket Internet AG

Oliver Samwer is the Chief Executive Officer of Rocket Internet AG. Before founding...

Jeremy Stoppelman

CEO and Co-founder

Jeremy founded Yelp in 2004 with Russel Simmons, a former colleague at PayPal....

Jens Spahn

Member of Parliament, Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Finance

Jens Spahn, born 16th May 1980 in Ahaus/North Rhine-Westphalia, is a German politician,...


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