DDD Perth 2019

Alice McCullagh

Creative Coding and the JavaScript Canvas

Aug 2019

In this talk, I’m planning to challenge that assumption. I’ll be giving a practical demonstration of how to use the JavaScript canvas to create artistic visualizations on the fly, using real time data – including human brain activity. I’ll also be discussing the creative process behind making art using unconventional tools, and how we can use some of these concepts to our advantage when working with technology. No artistic (or technical) talent is required to enjoy! Alice is a Perth based software engineer, who’s also a part time artist and part time stand-up comedian. I started mucking around with JavaScript visualisations when I was about 11, and never really stopped. Currently, I work at Readify as a developer/consultant, doing a mish-mash of fullstack things – currently, I’m focusing on .NET development, but overall I like to stay language agnostic. In broad terms, the main focus of my work is making apps look nicer and do the things they’re supposed to do.


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