PostgresOpen 2019

Jes Osrow

Combating Imposter Syndrome

Sep 2019

This workshop focuses on the intersection of bragging, Imposter Syndrome, & owning successes. We take actionable steps & a repeatable framework to remove mystique around this debilitating concept to help people move beyond feelings of Imposter Syndrome to internalize self worth and rise as leaders.

No BS, safe space workshop at the intersection of Imposter Syndrome, owning strengths and achievements, and forwarding career momentum.

Using an actionable, repeatable framework, we will:

  • Remove mystique & fear of exposure
  • Break down barriers that prevent asking for and accessing support
  • Identify accomplishments, the steps to get there, and the means to discuss them
  • Analyze wins clearly to augment self-awareness; support and energize
  • Employ individual & group participation


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