Data Con LA 2019

John Peach

Careers in Data Science

Aug 2019

Are you wondering how to break into the Data Science field or accelerate your career? How to do this can be a challenging problem because the large breadth of skills that appear to be required. Non-standard job titles adds to the uncertainty. The few university programs that offer degrees in Data Science, do not have curriculums that align well with job requirements. No wonder why people struggle to determine what skills are needed? The talk will introduce some data related jobs that you may be well suited for but have never considered. Then we will dive into different types of Data Science roles. These roles are a generalization of different job descriptions that have been posted over the last decade or so. Every company and industry have different job titles for the same type of job. However, there is a pattern to the skills and experience need.To help you focus your professional development and align your experience with the right type of Data Science role, we will review the skills needed for each role type. Focusing on the educational background, soft-skills, and critical job functions. This will help you identify the gaps need to get you focused in the right direction. We will discuss the mindset of top performing data scientists and their soft-skills. We will discuss a powerful approach that John Peach has been developing and implementing called Data Science Design Thinking. It is a thought process that blends the best scientific practices with a creative method called Design Thinking. We will cover a detailed example that will teach you how to incorporate this practice into your work and accelerate your career.


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