Business of Software Conference Europe

Business of Software Conference is a two-day single-track conference for Founders, CXOs, and Emerging Leaders in Software and SaaS companies, hosted at Churchill College Cambridge.

BoS brings you together with other smart people in a supportive community of SaaS & software entrepreneurs who want to build great products and companies.

Every talk is from an entrepreneur or expert in their field – with something valuable to say. BoS talks are renowned for their quality (judge for yourself – our vast library of talks is available here).

The legendary BoS Hallway Track. You’re in a room with other incredible Software people – people who do what you do, all of whom are looking to learn and pass on things that they’ve learned. The quality of the people you’ll meet is unrivaled, and the things you’ll learn from them will be as important as the things you learn in the sessions.

Time to talk with experts and speakers. Not only is there ample time for Q&A after each session. Speakers stay for the conference – meaning you can grab them for a chat afterward. You’re as likely to sit next to a speaker at lunch than anyone else.