RuhrSec 2019

Tobias Burri, Elias Hazboun

Artifical Intelligence in Cyber Security: Threat, Tool or Target?

May 2019

Abstract. Recent machine learning algorithms such as Convolutional Neural Networks or LSTMs fueled by modern GPUs have produced astonishing results unimaginable only a few years ago. These developments bring a number of challenges and opportunities in the cyber security field. First, using AI maliciously can potentially result in threats that are faster, more complex and more difficult to detect. Second, recent developments in AI can be leveraged to improve our protection capabilities against cyber-attacks. Last, as AI technology becomes increasingly popular and available in more systems and services, new challenges emerge as this technology needs also to be protected from cyber threats. In this session we will present current developments in the field of AI and their relevance for cybersecurity. We will then cover some concepts and examples for each of the T’s (threat, tool and target) both in the industry and research. We will close the session by presenting our views on trends and potential future scenarios. Biography. Although having an academic background in Economics, Tobias Burri became interested in programming during his studies and started his professional career as a developer for a web-analytics platform. Today, he is a senior consultant in Live Reply’s Cyber Security unit where he supports companies in both assessing their current security landscape and integrating new security components. Tobias is strongly focused on the rising relevance of AI in the field of cybersecurity, both in terms of malicious use as well as leveraging current developments for new security applications.




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