Adobe MAX 2016

Paul Gubbay, Joan Lafferty, Zorana Gee, Michael Ninness

The Future of Creativity and Design

Nov 2016

Paul Gubbay introduces us to the newest innovations for designers, with demonstrations of several new apps. Joan Lafferty kicks it off with Adobe XD, which is evolving with new workflows that make iteration, exploration and collaboration easier than ever.

With Project Felix, Zorana Gee shows how you can create photo realistic compositions that fit within your existing workflow. And Michael Ninness demonstrates Adobe Spark, an easy way to leverage your existing design assets to easily publish to multiple channels.

Paul Gubbay

VP, Design & Web at Adobe

I have a very fulfilling career with over 25 years in the software industry with...

Joan Lafferty

Product Manager at Adobe Systems

I have worked on software development teams for over ten years at Adobe Systems....

Zorana Gee

Principal Product Manager - Photoshop

Zorana Gee, MBA, is a product manager on the Photoshop team. She has been on the...

Michael Ninness

Sr Director Product Management, Web & Graphic Design at Adobe

Michael Ninness grew up in the Redwoods of Arcata in Northern California. He moved...


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